Brushing Lacquer. A beautiful, traditional clear protective finish for wood and metal.

    How To: Tips & Techniques

    The Best Brush

    Brushing lacquers work best with a natural bristle brush. When choosing an applicator, the most important factor is selecting a high quality brush with tapered bristles that will enable you to “flow” the lacquer into the wood. Do not use a foam brush, since it will dissolve!

    Safety First!

    Safety first! Take a moment to read the instructions and always play it safe: wear protective gloves and safety glasses, and provide plenty of fresh air when working with products and while they are drying.                                          

    Temperature Matters!
    Lacquers can sometimes blush, or get whitish and cloudy, when applied in cold or damp weather. The best choice is to apply the lacquer on a warmer day. If the lacquer has already blushed, try bringing the piece into a warmer space or applying another coat.